Charleston’s Elise Testone, who’s enjoyed a solid run of performances on the national stage since becoming an American Idol finalist in 2012, will be heading to the Bluegrass State’s famed Churchill Downs for the annual Kentucky Derby weekend, May 2-3. The soulful singer is part of Derby Experiences, the Kentucky Derby’s celebrity-entertainment program that features performances, parties, and, we imagine, an ungodly number of mint juleps. “I’m very excited and honored to be asked,” Testone says. “I’m thrilled to bring some Charleston-influenced music to the Derby.”

In addition to performing, Testone will attend the Fillies and Lilies party the night before the races. She’s one of the event’s celebrities, along with a few Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (seriously). We wonder if she’ll be rubbing elbows with Wynonna Judd, the party’s headlining entertainment.

Either way, we’re glad the Derby is welcoming our hometown girl. Here’s to Elise’s own night at the races.