[image-1]After four years as Warehouse’s executive chef, Top Chef: Charleston star Emily Hahn is moving on. Hahn says the amicable split is a decision she’s made to spread her culinary wings.

“Four years is a long freaking run for a little bar that hired me by accident after Eva left,” says Hahn who took the job after original chef Eva Keilty left. “Joey [Rinaldi] and James [Groetzinger] took me under their wings. We had Top Chef, Chopped, a successful four years of people loving our food. It’s a long time for anybody and certainly for a young aspiring chef that’s hungry for any good opportunity.”

Hahn began her Charleston career working for Mike Lata at FIG. She made it to round nine on Top Chef and recently did a demo with her former Top Chef contestants Sheldon Simeon 5Church’s Jamie Lynch at Le Creuset headquarters this week.

“After four great years, the time has come for us to part ways and head in new directions. We wish Emily the best in her next endeavor, and are equally excited for a new approach to the Warehouse kitchen,” says owner James Groetzinger.

Hahn wouldn’t reveal what her next move is, but says she’ll be staying in Charleston after a much needed vacation to see her family in Virginia. Hahn’s last week at Warehouse will be the first week of September.
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