[image-1]We hate to break this kind of news, but long-time, beloved Charleston musician and Shrimp Records member Michael Flynn is outta here — as in, he’s moving, and the end of an era is upon us. Where to? Not even he is sure, but what he does know is this: it’s simply time for something, some place new. 
[content-1] “The goal is a little house in a small hippie mountain Mayberry where we can live cheaply and pursue stuff like music without stressing about money as much,” says Flynn. “Haven’t found it yet so we’re putting our stuff in storage and doing some adventuring.”

Flynn moved to Chucktown back in 1996 as a sophomore transfer at CofC and, save for a three-year Boston stint, he’s been here ever since.

The musician has blessed this city with his beautifully crafted piano/synth-led indie rock first in Slow Runner before venturing into solo territory with 2014’s absolutely stunning Face in the Cloud.

Musically, Flynn’s next stop is Nashville, where he plans to spend three weeks this fall making a record with Slow Runner’s other half, Josh Kaler, and a string quartet for what he says will be a new solo project — not new Slow Runner stuff.

Locally, you can look for Flynn on a bill at the beginning of 2018 at a certain annual, always anticipated, local collaborative concert at the Charleston Music Hall (that hasn’t been officially announced yet).

Best of luck, Mr. Flynn. You will be tremendously missed.