[image-1] Every year local nonprofit Enough Pie presents a month-long festival (of sorts) of visual arts, dance, theater, public events, kids’ activities, and more, all with the goal of educating Charleston residents about the city they live in. To make this year’s ambitious project, Awakening: Motion, successful, Enough Pie is asking for some monetary help — the organization hopes to raise $15,000 via youcaring.com/awakeningmotion.

According to a press release, Enough Pie will use the funds raised on You Caring to help implement eight dynamic, multi-faceted public art works including five artistic bus stops; 14 creative crosswalks; a linear underpass installation (which will include six-eight mobility-inspired sculptures and a series of resident-inspired photography); a temporary installation envisioning a proposed Lowcountry Rapid Transit Center on Mt. Pleasant and Meeting streets; a temporary bike lane on Brigade street; and live performances and events. Like we said, ambitious.

And, if a years-long local debate about a bike lane connecting downtown and West Ashley wasn’t enough of a hint — transportation in this city is an ongoing issue. That’s why Enough Pie chose ‘motion’ as its 2018 theme, citing the fact that 76 percent of Charleston residents drive to work alone, instead of carpooling (guilty as charged).

In a press release Enough Pie says, “Due to decaying sidewalks and a lack of bike [image-2]  lanes on the Peninsula, Charleston has tragically become one of the top 15 cities in the U.S. for bike and pedestrian fatalities. The Upper Peninsula is an area that is not walk or bike friendly, and AWAKENING: MOTION seeks to offer tangible infrastructural solutions to help our growing transportation issues.”

As a part of Awakening: Motion, Enough Pie partnered with Gotcha Bike, the City of Charleston, and Charleston Moves, and received a grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership, which forms a mobility alliance for Just Ride. The grant offers low and moderate income levels of Charleston residents the ability to purchase an annual bike share membership for five dollars at community centers on the upper peninsula; additional stations will be placed in upper peninsula neighborhoods for easier access to the system.

Just Ride is a primary initiative in the expansion of Holy Spokes Bike share system. In a press release senior manager of Holy Spokes Megan McNamara said, “Just Ride will allow us to connect to a more diverse membership, which is vital for a successful bike share. We want our system to be a barrier-free option for anyone to be able to move around the peninsula.”