Reckless annoyed us right off the bat this episode. And no, it wasn’t the bad accents or the continuous use of fans — shocking as it may be to non-locals, most buildings here in Charleston have air conditioning, including — gasp — courthouses. We’ll let those slide.

But the opening scene in this week’s episode, between Yankee Jamie (Anna Wood) and undercover agent Preston (Adam Rodriguez) — we won’t. When Preston talked about his childhood with his mouth full, it irked us beyond belief. And we know that everyone does it, but for some reason when we heard him smacking and chomping away on his overly cooked meat (that’s the only explanation for the amount of chewing that was going on), it was just too much for us.

And while we’re on the subject of that date, we’re pretty sure a detective wouldn’t bring his lawyer girlfriend to a crime scene.

Other things that weren’t our favorite this episode? Newly minted city attorney Roy’s (Cam Gigandet) horrific “Wanna take a ride on my boat?” line. We’re all for boats, and riding them with friends or even dates, but Roy’s invitation seemed like a more adult version of, “Wanna go back to my house and watch a movie?” It felt so high school.

The final thing that really got our goat was the dig at vegetarians. Whether you want to eat meat or not, well, that doesn’t bother us one way or another — North or South of the Mason-Dixon. But what isn’t OK is saying stupid lines. So if you’re ever at a barbecue and someone pronounces that they’ve stopped eating things with faces, don’t answer, “At least beer doesn’t have a face.”

Beyond that, we were mostly indifferent to the latest episode. Roy proved he was a stand-up guy by offering wronged cop LeAnn (Georgina Haig) the most money he could for a settlement. Jamie showed once again she’ll fight for justice and be right (all while wearing five-inch heels). And crooked detective Terry (Shawn Hatosy) was a creepster. He’s one move away from standing over LeAnn’s bed leering at her while she sleeps.

He also didn’t win anyone over by using poor Vi’s (Kim Wayans as Jamie’s assistant) daughter to spy on Jamie’s office. That seemed pretty low, even for him.

Enough of this negativity though, because there’s one shining star in this show and that is LeAnn. She may be a little meek, but there’s something very likeable about her. Even though her life is one disaster after another, we have a feeling she may come out on top.

And it wouldn’t be an episode of Reckless without some sexy time. This time it was a seedy hotel room, which they said was located on the peninsula, but it looked more like one of the dated motels in North Charleston. And the show sure uses a lot of handcuffs — and we’re totally about it in the 50 Shades way.

Plus, CBS pulled out the big guns, ending the show with an explosive cliffhanger. It sadly worked since we’ll be tuning in next week. Damn you CBS, damn you.