Evangelicals @ The Tavern Village

[image-1]It’s not a stretch to compare Evangelicals to their fellow Oklahomans The Flaming Lips. Both share a knack for euphoric psychedelia, lacing fuzz-blossomed guitar melodies with sonic doodads, and upwelling, climactic song structures. Both have frontmen with high, reedy voices that sound as spaced out as the music surrounding them. Where the two differ is in the approach. The Lips’ surrealist escapism assumes there’s another world and it ain’t so hot. Wayne Coyne’s frequent political rants testify to that. With Evangelicals, though, there’s a feeling that the songs exist in their own playful, Technicolor utopia. It offers a similar surrealist escape, but not the same one. On their latest full-length, The Evening Descends, Evangelicals take listeners to a world where every turn’s a new adventure washed in the warm, dream-like static of a fog of guitar noise that ebbs and flows with the songs’ dynamic. Portland, Ore.-based experimental pop band Parenthetical Girls open. —Bryan Reed