[image-1]CP theater critic William Bryan was very impressed by Timothy Shaw (left), the youngster at the Charleston County School for the Arts who played the lead role in the Charleston Stage production of James and the Giant Peach. Here’s the review. According to Bryan:

“The exception to this is Timothy Shaw in the role of James, an eighth grader specializing in theater at the Charleston County School of the Arts. His performance is another example of the level of training received by students at that institution. He maintains a decent English accent throughout the show and really manages to come across as James, not just some boy playing James, which is a talent many of the adult actors in the region are still struggling to master.”

Timothy’s mother, Tina Shaw, wrote to me this morning to thank CP for the kind words but also to inform us that Timothy is in fact in sixth grade, not eighth grade. In that case, his mother and the entire Charleston theater community have even more reason to be proud of young Tim — and much to look forward to from the talented and precocious actor. Well done, Tim.