[image-1] Republican candidates for governor will spend the next few months telling S.C. voters how small they believe government should be. But when it comes to regulating what control adult women should have over their own bodies and health, it seems that they’re in unanimous agreement that Big Government is better.

The three Republican men had long been in agreement that women should be barred from having abortions under the ‘Personhood Act’ spearheaded by Senate conservatives, a proposal that would effectively make abortions illegal in South Carolina.

Until today, Catherine Templeton, the only woman running for the party’s nomination, has held that she supported exceptions to abortion limits only in the case of incest. But as of this morning, the P&C reports, that Templeton’s position changed over the last year as she courted religious voters whose support she lacked without supporting an unequivocal abortion ban. (Probably also doesn’t help her that the SCGOP field has grown since she began her campaign.) In 2016, Gov. Nikki Haley signed a 20-week abortion ban that did not include exceptions for rape or incest.

“It may not be the politically correct answer, but so be it,” Templeton flack Mark Powell told the paper. [content-1] So now that they all agree with outright abortion bans, look for the SCGOP hopefuls to also tell you how they’re even more extreme than their colleagues on limiting women’s rights as they court S.C. Republican primary voters.