[embed-2] Indigo Reef Brewing will open as Daniel Island’s first stand-alone brewery next Wed. June 5 at 4 p.m., joining the ranks of more than two dozen breweries spanning the tri-county area. We chatted with owner and head brewer Christopher Ranere about his spankin’ new 4,000-square foot space located off of Clements Ferry Road. Drink on:

The backstory

Ranere and wife Nicole moved to Mt. Pleasant from the Midwest, where they both worked for a large software company. As 9-to-5ers are wont to do, the couple decided they were worn out from the “work hard, play hard” mantra of their job. Ranere says the beer bug bit him when he ordered a home brewing kit. “I studied electrical engineering and I started writing my own recipes. I have this mindset where I like to tinker and play, it was fun looking into the science.” The Raneres did their research, Chris took on an assistant brewing position at Two Blokes to learn everything thing he could about the production side of things, and they lined up their financials. They were ready to throw their hat in the ring.

The location

Ranere knew he wanted to be East of the Cooper, but says he wasn’t sold on the Clements Ferry location at first — “when we did an initial drive by there was nothing up there!” But they looked a little deeper and found an abundance of neighborhoods tucked down side streets. “We started driving around and there were people walking their dogs so we’d ask ‘where do you get beer? Where do you get dinner?'” They found that most families left the island and ventured into Mt. P for a pint. “We found our space — it had concrete floors, the steel beams were up, and that was it and Nicole said ‘this is gonna work.'”

The name

Ranere (and his branding firm) landed on Indigo Reef Brewing after shuffling through “a lot of different names.” He says that ‘reef’ is a nod to the couple’s love of scuba diving, and ‘indigo’ is a tie in to the Lowcountry. “We want people to know the brewery is in Charleston.”

The beer

Indigo Reef will start off with seven beers on tap: An American blonde, a pale ale, a Belgian wheat, Belgian wheat with raspberry, their take on a New England IPA, a citra IPA, and a dry Irish stout. They all have cute names (isn’t that half the fun of brewing beer?), but Ranere is especially partial to the blonde, Shelly Beach. “Nicole and I have always brewed together and scuba dived together and our first open water dive was in Australia at Shelly Beach.” Ranere says in-house sales in the taproom will be the main focus, though they will start distributing to local bars and restaurants in a few months. 

The food

They do have a DHEC approved kitchen, but Ranere says their specialty will be “preparing chips.” He says they’re planning to have food trucks onsite Fri.-Sun., and may eventually make some easy bar food like soft pretzels and paninis, but notes “people are welcome to bring in their own food.”

Indigo Reef is located at 2079 Wambaw Creek Unit 1, Daniel Island and will be open Wed. and Thurs. 4-9 p.m., Fri. 4-10 p.m., Sat. noon-10 p.m., and Sun. noon to 6 p.m.