The breakfast gods have finally answered your prayers. EVO pizzeria officially opened their craft bakery today, bright and early at 7 a.m.

“We sold out of all our pastries around 11 o’clock… all in all for our first day it’s been pretty awesome,” says co-owner Matt McIntosh.

The bakery is connected to EVO in a red-and-white building directly behind the pizzeria and features a 15-seat patio for guests.

“It’s a quick, grab-and-go atmosphere. It’s pretty laid back,” says McIntosh.

Their menu offers a wide selection of artisan breads — think Holy City Porter Multi Grain — and breakfast pastries like fruit and cheese danishes and chocolate croissants. Also on the menu are deli sandwiches, like the roast beef sandwich with cuts straight from Legare Farms. Most sandwiches cost around $8 to $10, with pastries at around $3. And to make your morning rush a little easier, EVO’s bakery will also offer coffee. While you won’t find specialty drinks like mochas or cappuccinos, they’re keeping it simple with the classic cup o’ joe with coffee beans from Charleston Coffee Roasters. They also plan to offer a medium roast EVO blend as well as iced coffees. The great thing about EVO’s bakery menu is that it changes all the time, keeping breakfast fresh and interesting. While they plan to keep certain house pastries and breads to anchor their menu, specialty options will rotate through the menu different days of the week.

“We’re all about changing things up,” says McIntosh.

Currently, the bakery is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., although the owners hope to expand business hours over the next month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. During this time, dinner guests can visit the bakery while they’re waiting on a table and buy beer or a glass of wine. (843) 225-1810