This message is for the S.C. Democratic Party: We’re through. And, to quote the pre-teen poetry of Taylor Swift, we’re never, ever getting back together.

You’re worse than John Mayer’s racist dick, Newt Gingrich’s Kenyan anti-colonialist S&M fantasies, and the Paul family’s predilection for glory-hole fundraising with every neo-Confederate, anti-Semite, white supremacist from here to Kamandon’t-do-what-you’re-about-to-do-with-that-sheep-you-sick-bastard. You’re just as bigoted as the SCGOP and I’m tired of it. 

And to think, I thought you guys had changed when Dick Harpootlian finally left the fold. I honestly thought that the days when you guys embraced homophobes was over with, but apparently it’s not. Not only does your leading candidate for governor, Vincent Sheheen, oppose gay marriage, your new party chair, Jaime Harrison, isn’t afraid to employ the same gay-bashing bullying that Harpootlian himself loved so much. 

Case in point, last week’s press release criticizing both Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott’s no votes on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill preventing Uncle Sam from firing federal workers just because they’re members of the LGBT community. 

While the S.C. Dems were right to attack both Graham and Scott — natch — they didn’t have to employ not-so-thinly-veiled wink-wink-nudge-nudge did-you-know-them-two-guys-are-fairies insinuations. Here’s what Harrison said:

Senators Graham and Scott’s opposition to this common-sense, pro-family and anti-discrimination measure is both bizarre and hypocritical. All people who work hard and do their jobs to support their families deserve the security and respect of not being fired simply for who they are and how they were born. With South Carolina’s families already struggling because of Nikki Haley’s failed economic policies, the last thing our workers need is to have their Senators fighting to protect discrimination instead of moving our country forward. Senators Graham and Scott need to do some soul searching and start working for all of the people of South Carolina instead of just Tea Party extremists.

Bizarre and hypocritical, eh. Let’s not pretend for a second that Harrison meant something other than what he intended it to mean. Every single one of the lame-ass hypocrites at the S.C. Democratic Party HQ knows exactly what Harrison was inferring. There were even a few tweets in the days before this press release came out from loyal Dems saying this exact same thing. It was embarrassing then and disgraceful now. 

Yes, we’ve all heard rumors that both Lindsey and Tim are gay. They’re both life-long bachelors, and we hear about few, if any, romantic conquests in their pasts. While that’s troubling for the S.C. Democratic Party, it doesn’t bother the SCGOP at large — at least not enough to get them to vote out either Graham or Scott. When it comes to the Democratic Party, Graham and Scott’s sexuality should be irrelevant. Who cares who they’re diddling or not? And it’s certainly not Jaime Harrison’s job to “out” them.

So who exactly are the Dems hoping to win over with this gay-baiting BS? Bigots for Obamacare? Living-wage-lovin’ Klansman? Pro-union God Hates Fags poster-board manufacturers? It simply doesn’t make any short-term political sense, and long-term it’s a disaster for a party who’s national leadership has made gay rights part of its platform.

It’s time for progressives in South Carolina to find another party. And it doesn’t matter if its members can’t get elected to state-wide office. Neither can the Democrats.

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