9ab0/1243742758-guyfieri.jpgWell, he wasn’t loud. But he was coiffed, as promised. Toward the end of today’s chamber music program, Charles Wadsworth was pattering to buy time between pieces (as he usually does) to allow for stage changes. He praised his musicians, with special emphasis on “the incredibly coiffed” Geoff Nuttall, first violinist for the St. Lawrence String Quartet. Nuttall entered the stage with a head of hair that wasn’t unlike that dude’s dude from the Food Network, Guy Fieri (sans nappy goatee and earrings). It wasn’t surprising. Nuttall is known for his theatrics. He and cellist Christopher Costanza once arrived at a festival in Minnesota with shaved heads. But this year isn’t just any year at Spoleto: It’s Wadsworth’s last. And Nuttall is by all appearances in line to inherit the chamber series. Wadsworth has himself lauded Nuttall, as least twice, as “the most important associated director in the world.” Well, now we can add the most coiffed to that list of honorifics. JS

(image courtesy of Baltimore Sun)