The Movies on the 103 Green series at Eye Level Art has dedicated the month of September to French films.

Amélie will be the next in the series on Tues. Sept. 15. This French favorite by Jean-Pierre Jeunet follows the life of a Parisian girl, who puts her dysfunctional family life behind her and sets out on a journey of self-discovery, learning in the process that the way to a fulfilling life is by helping others. She befriends a reclusive neighbor, plays pranks on an employer who abuses one of her fellow co-workers, and fashions herself as the “Godmother of the rejected.” While living a selfless life, she comes across a man who collects photo booth pictures. She follows him curiously, and ultimately, they fall in love.

The film will be shown in the back courtyard at the Eye Level Art on 103 Spring St. Bring your own chairs and blankets, and if you choose to, you can purchase beer and wine, or bring your own for a $5 corking fee. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and the movie starts at dark. Tickets are $5, and you can get them at the door or in advance by calling (843) 425-3576.