The Eye Level Art warehouse at 103 Spring Street recently went up for sale, inspiring rumors that the contemporary gallery and event space would soon be closing its doors. But while there’s a chance that Eye Level may have to relocate, they are not closing.

We spoke with owner Mike Elder, who is renting the building.

“There’s always the case that someone might come in and say, ‘You’re out of here,’” Elder says. “But [the landlord] says so far everyone is looking at it like an investment and they want to keep their tenant. If they know anything about Eye Level Art, they want to keep Eye Level Art.”

The 3,844-square-foot building is currently listed at $475,000. It includes two unfinished units with concrete floors, high ceilings, and a courtyard.

“They’re asking half a million for basically a shell, a barn,” Elder says. “It’s got to be a pretty unique business to be in here in the first place. If someone’s going to buy this, they’re going to have to put a lot of money into it.

“I’m not super worried, but I’ve got my feelers out there,” Elder adds. “It’s made me realize that I’m kind of an intangible product … Even though I do promote art and all that, I can do that anywhere. It doesn’t have to be this space.”