The mood was upbeat at Eye Level Art’s Relics and Remnants show Saturday night, despite the somber fact that it was one of several events marking the gallery’s closing before owner Mike Elder packs up and moves to New York. The huge art show offered hundreds of prints by John Pundt, whose work includes the Kulture Klash posters and the infamous three-eyed Piggly Wiggly “PROK” print that surely haunts at least a few people’s nightmares. The pieces for sale ranged from cute with an edge to downright creepy, and from what we could tell the prints seemed to be making a brisk exit from their gallery home in the arms of their newfound owners.

Sandwiches and cupcakes were provided, but most guests stuck to liquid refreshment. For those who needed a break from viewing the prints, the courtyard behind the warehouse was open, where a girl in fluffy slippers played Atari for mesmerized onlookers. Most attendees, however, preferred to work their way through the walls packed with Pundt, and shuffle through the additional prints that were available for perusal on tables throughout the gallery.

It was a promising second-to-last art show for Eye Level Art. Let’s hope neither a relic nor remnant was left.