I know that our society operates on several fractured factions and for better or worse we live in a culture that fosters racism in all forms.
I have lived my life accepting all as my equal, and abhor any sort of racial superiority as a cardinal sin and a function of the less primitive part of humanity’s brain that evolution has yet to conquer.
I was saddened to be treated to a blatant display of racism by a group of so-called professionals who patronized a dining establishment while I was trying to enjoy an evening out. Your loud manner, frequent F-bombs and jokes about the other patrons who were not of your ethnicity disgusted my fiance and me.
When I asked you calmly to please have some respect, you collectively laughed. The kicker was when you gave the waitress a $1 tip on a table check of almost $180.
I don’t know whether you know this or not but your actions were not funny, were not cool and I am sure, from talking to one of the waitresses that should you ever decide to curse this eatery again with your presence you will not enjoy it.
I hope you collectively realize that your racism is just as ugly and vile as you were as a group.