So, get this: we actually (seriously?) have this hotline called “Litter Busters”. What is to stop someone from making up something about someone they dont like (an ex, a mean boss), or someone who just cut them off in traffic? “Um, yes, I’d like to report that the blue Honda in front of me just threw out a KFC tub of chicken and drink cup on I-26, license plate 123 ABC, ‘k,thanks,bye!” I mean seriously, how do they prove this actually happened???
HOWEVER, one offense that I have noticed that seems to happen frequently, goes unpunished, deserves its own hotline, and could be HUGELY “provable” (and profitable), would be a hotline to call for all those a$$holes who park in the Fire Lane in public parking lots (grocery stores,walmart,Target,etc). These jerks must think “oh, that “FIRE LANE_NO PARKING” sign must mean everyone but ME”. And the kicker is,it’s usually some overpiced sedan or sports car…like that makes them exempt from all the rules. Why is it you think I have to park my Honda/Kia/Toyota in ana ctual space, but your Mercedes,BMW,Lexus get a pass to park wherever the hell you feel like? Remember: you people who park in the Fire Lanes…you are NOT special & unique snowflakes, that a fire lane ticket is a hefty one, and that I might just have the local fire dept number on speed dial…..