Charleston attorney and blogger Gregory Forman asks critics of the president’s healthcare reform how they would respond to the woman who contacted him recently. She needs to give up custody of her child to her parents because they have the health insurance her autistic son must have to live a relatively normal. I guess the Republicans would prefer that the family stay together and boy suffer from his disease without treatment. They aren’t called the Family Values Party for nothing.

Here’s an excerpt. See Forman’s excellent legal blog at

I received a call from a woman yesterday wanting to know the process of turning over custody of her son to her parents. Typically when I get such inquiries it’s because a mother is entering the military or an inpatient substance abuse facility. This mother wasn’t. Instead the rationale for her request was that her parents’ health insurance coverage was better than her husband’s (and her husband works for a well-paying local company) and their son was incurring thousands of dollars a month in unreimbursed medical treatment for his autism. I have represented parents of autistic children before and the current protocol of aggressive early treatment—hours of weekly play therapy along with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy—can achieve remarkable results, allowing these children to be mainstreamed by kindergarten. However the cost of this therapy is more than many South Carolina families earn and insurance policies cover differing amounts of these costs.