• Louis “Skip” ReVille

A family who says their child was sexually abused at a 2002 Citadel summer camp is preparing to release copies of a lengthy written complaint that they sent to the school in 2007. The document includes accusations against Louis “Skip” ReVille, a Mt. Pleasant coach, educator, and foster parent who was arrested in late October and currently faces charges that he sexually abused five boys.

Charleston attorney Mullins McLeod, who represents the camper, announced today that he would make copies of the statement available once they were redacted for privacy.

“The victim and his family came forward in 2007 and met with the Citadel and their attorney to give a detailed 169-page statement,” McLeod said in a press release. “The victim and his family asked the Citadel for one thing: ‘Stop Skip ReVille from molesting any more children.’”

The Citadel itself has been slow to release details about what happened at the camp, which the school stopped running in 2006 after paying $3.8 million to five former campers who said a volunteer counselor had molested them. The separate allegations against ReVille were never turned over to police, and school officials said last week that an internal investigation did not prove the accusations true.

McLeod will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. today in front of the Citadel alumni center (69 Hagood Ave.) to release details from the 2007 sexual abuse report. The Citadel will hold a separate press conference at 4 p.m. at the alumni center regarding documents from the case that the Post and Courier has requested under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.