Produced and directed by Keith Bradshaw, a new web clip for Charleston songwriter Frank Royster’s song “Mr. Wonderful” looks more like a short film than a typical MTV clip. The footage follows two very different young characters — the dapper and sensitive Jimmy (played by Chuck Dax) and the scruffy metalhead Buck (played by Todd Surber) — as they embark on various romantic endeavours.

Clad in cool shades and a shiny Rickenbacker six-string, Royster and his rhythm section — bassist Julian Volpe and drummer Tommy Hamer — play along with the tune in several scenes while crammed in a tiny tool shed. A few scenes show the trio manually projected onto downtown buildings.

A longtime local photographer and musician (and a current member of PlaneJane), Bradshaw edited the clip at his King Street Studios base, located at the Navy Yard. Rosyter recently released the song on a solo collection titled Innocence is Bliss. A additional online “behind the scenes” clip from Bradshaw reveals how his basic, low-budget music video idea ballooned into a major production, with actors, wardrobe, cherry pickers, and multiple locations.

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