IT was reported in the NY times (I found it on the AP) that:

“departing Fannie Mae head Daniel Mudd stands to collect $9.3 million in severance pay, retirement benefits and deferred compensation under the terms of his employment contract, provided his dismissal is deemed to be “without cause.””

9.3 million dollars.  Holy F-ing schnikies!!!

First off, how can his dismissal be “without cause” when he ran the company so far into the ground that the Federal Government had to bail it out.  Without cause?  I just found  9.3 million causes?  And I’m just a lowly comedian making $25 a show.  This asshole should have to go on unemployment like everybody else.

If Daniel Mudd gets to screw up this badly and receive 9.3 million dollars in severance, and retirement benefits I propose we attach some strings to the deal.  We should get something out of the money we’re spending to save his ass:

1. He is followed around all day by a group of people booing him with giant megaphones.  Grocery stores- Boooo, McDonalds’s- Boooooo.  His alarm clock should just be a recording- Boooooo.  While he’s driving Boooooo, making love, Boooooooo. This could be a rotating group of people as I am sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.

2. Once a week, at a time unbeknown to him, he gets slapped in the face by an American taxpayer.  The physical pain caused by the slap will be intensified by the constant anticipation of its coming.

3. 60 hours a week of manual labor in North Charleston.  There’s a lot of little stuff that needs to get done.  I’m sure the good people of North Charleston could use an extra set of hands.  He could pick up trash on the side of the road.  To make it even more fun, it should happen during the middle of the night.  Then a slap would be the least of his worries.