[image-1] In perhaps a perfect match of local trends, IPA and CBD are finally making it official. The 2018 couple nobody expected is getting its debut at Fatty’s Beer Works (1436 Meeting St.) on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

Dubbed the CBD SMASH IPA, the beer is described as a “super dry and crisp IPA with low bitterness…a huge bouquet of dank passion fruit with delicate hemp notes.” Each pint contains about 5mg of CBD, the brewery says. Smash beers start with a Single Malt base and a Single Hop variety, but can take a variety of directions from there. Ben Chambers from Fatty’s has also had a hand in SweetWater’s hemp IPA, according to the brewery.

But IPA and CBD? How did this combination come to pass? Fatty’s brew is the result of a collaboration with Charleston Hemp Company. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant. Used medicinally, users cite its efficacy as an antinausea and anti-inflammatory substance. David Bulick, the owner of Charleston Hemp Company, notes that some drinkers of the new IPA may feel some stress reduction or a sense of well-being, without any of the hallucinogenic properties of marijuana. David is keen to stress this point: “hemp is not marijuana.” [image-2] Hemp has had somewhat of a landmark year in the U.S. and S.C. Not as flashy (er, dank) as its cousin THC, CBD has nonetheless made a huge impact on the popularity of hemp cultivation. CBD sales have greatly increased in the past few years as reports of its apparent health benefits have spread. One piece of the new federal farm bill set to pass legalizes the growth of hemp, which would help states set further regulations around its growth and sale. Growth of hemp was legalized in the state of South Carolina last year as part of a pilot program with a select group of small format growers.

If you like what you sip at Fatty’s this time, look for more CBD collabs coming in the future.

Those interested should plan on coming to Fatty’s tonight starting at 5 p.m. Tunes at the event will be provided by Bill Wilson, who you may have seen on the cover of the City Paper two weeks ago marking his solo debut album, Stand Up!