Charleston’s own punk rock champ Johnny Puke has arranged a massive list of bands for this week’s “birthday bash” at Cumberland’s — 21 bands in all, not counting any accidental guests and characters who might end up on a microphone or on stage.

Local band The Secrets know how to raise a funky ruckus, working mostly from a setlist full of ’70s R&B, ’60s Motown, and soul. “These guys draw a huge crowd all over town and they don’t have to donate their time efforts like this,” says Puke. “But it’s great to have them in the club doing their thing on Wednesday.”

Indie booking agency Holy City Booking (www.myspace.com/holycitybooking) arranged the Thursday night event. Boston-based instrumental metal/rock combo Tides are due on stage in support of a n impressively heavy new EP titled From Silence (TDB Records), along with Mass.-based grim-rock quintet Giant, and local band Alswel.

On Saturday, headliners The Draft features Chris Wollard, Jason Black, and George Rebello of Gainesville’s Hot Water Music. This weekend’s event is the official kickoff of their US tour behind the new album, In a Million Pieces (Epitaph). Local post-rock trio Genrevolta co-headline with their Touch & Go-inspired, jaggedy, aggro guitar noise and tunes.

Headlining Saturday’s event is Johnny Puke’s own punk band, Cletus, a “manic bunch of silly punk rockers” who played and toured for years through the 1990s. Their Descendents-meets-The Ramones brand of punk rock was revered among local fans and critics alike.

On Sunday, “Johnny Puke’s Metal Night” will feature longtime Chucktown metalheads Children’s Choir, veteran scenesters Shaman Mary (guitarist Mark Donoughue was the night’s main organizer), Asheville, N.C.’s Monsters of Japan, punky-rawky Handgun Sonata, rocky-punky Steve Hit Mike, and Josephine.


Wed. Aug. 16

“Johnny Puke Presents: An Evening with The Secrets”

10 p.m.

$5 ($8 under 21)

Thurs. Aug. 17

Tides w/ Giant, Alswel

9 p.m.
$5 ($8 under 21)

Fri. Aug. 18

“Johnny Puke Birthday Bash”

The Draft w/ Genrevolta, In the Red, Thunderlip, Thank God

7 p.m.

$10 ($13 under 21)

Sat. Aug. 19

“Johnny Puke Birthday Bash”

Cletus w/ The Cryptkeeper Five, The Ergs, Horace Pinker, J. Page, Colossus

7 p.m.

$10 ($13 under 21)

Sun. Aug. 20

“Johnny Puke’s Metal Night”
Children’s Choir w/ Shaman Mary, Monsters of Japan, Handgun Sonata, Steve Hit Mike, Josephine

7 p.m.

$8 ($11 under 21)