Last week, local musician Richard Weld (Genrevolta, A Decent Animal, Telegram) brought it to our attention that a special “debut show” was on the horizon — a debut for what could be the scene’s best new “power trio.” The new band? They’re an local all-star combo called Evolutionaire, featuring singer/guitarist Chris Patterson, bassist Taylor Nelson, and drummer Jordan Herschaft.

Patterson spent years with popular local alt-rock band Wormbelly until their official split-up earlier this year. Nelson plucked and popped the strings with Maytag for years before forming The Tens last year with Hesrchaft, who previously kept time with aZwethinkweiZ and other bands (as well as working as one of the main engineers at Fusion 5 Studio).

Demos online at the band’s current web spot (www.myspace.com/evolutionaire) suggest some oddball, reverb-y, syncopated, omigod, Zappa funk-punk. Does it sound anything like Wormbelly or The Tens? Not really.

In an attempt to get the real story on the new local rock trio, City Paper put a cordial call out to the band’s management. Here’s what we got:

Dear Evolutionaire,

What’s the big story on this debut gig at Cumberland’s? Will it be a weird and crazy, punked-out, prog-rock fest, or something a bit more polite? An elaborate prank on the downtown scenesters, or a super-quiet fuck-you to the rowdiest Genrevolta fans? Or a proper rock show with all the fixings? And what’s up with that renovated, 1971, 40-foot tour bus Taylor bought over the summer? And the 13/8 time signature and poly-rhythms in that demo song, “Das Peenan?” We really wanna know.

Thanks and good luck,

City Paper Music Department


Dear Music Department,

Glad you asked. In truth, it will be all of the things you mentioned, plus more. Free maps of town for any tourists that stop by, $1 mystery beer drinking, shenanigans pulled on the scenesters, paternity testing for those in question of their true lineage, fried chicken wings, neckties, video effects, and a who’s who list of famous Charlestonians in attendance. Mayor-Emperor Joe Riley will be sitting on his throne, which incidentally is constructed of the bones of Civil War carpetbaggers he bested in his youth.

And in case of any rowdiness, Chief Reuben Greenberg will be providing security. He’s a close personal friend (Taylor and he served in the ‘Nam together) and also our personal band assassin. We will probably let him start the show with a brief comedic act, he has such a way with words.

And 13/8? We thought no one would notice.


Eric G (Evolutionaire Mgr.)

That’s clear enough, I guess. Evolutionaire said hello to listeners during last week’s “Local Noise” on 98X with host Amy Hutto. They make their official live debut on Fri. Dec. 9 at Cumberland’s alongside Genrevolta, who graciously open the gig. Keep the eyes and ears open; these guys could become the Triumph of the Carolina coast.