Best Wine Selection (Bar/Restaurant/Retail), Best Sommelier
Graft Wine Shop & Wine Bar, Femi Oyediran

Graft Wine Shop & Wine Bar, which won Best Wine Selection, was opened by longtime friends Femi Oyediran and Miles White, with a passion to share their love of wine with the Charleston community. It shows in their selection, as Oyediran, a self-professed music geek, describes choosing the retail shop’s wine like you might pick songs. 

“You know, when you curate a selection of wine, to me, it’s very much — and this might even seem cliche for me to say — but it seems very much like building a playlist,” said Oyediran, who also won this year’s Best Sommelier. “So to me, a really great wine selection of a store, or even a restaurant, is very well thought out in the same vein as a playlist, right? Everything kind of conveys perspective, it says something about your tastes, it’s your commentary on what you’ve learned, or what your reflections are on the world of wine.”

When asked what he loves best about being a sommelier, he again cues the music: “Sharing the sensation you feel and someone else feels when you put them onto something exciting, whether it be music or wine, is always one of the best deals.”

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