As things start to get a little better in Iraq, their government is trying to entice people to come and visit.  According to the AP, the center piece of this project is going to be a giant Ferris Wheel in the middle of Baghdad.  Brilliant idea.  Even I want to blow up Ferris Wheels.

Doesn’t this have George W. Bush written all over it.

This is how Bush sees the world- if there’s a Ferris Wheel, everything is going to be OK.  Bush in his mind is always at a State Fair.  You can see it in the language he has used throughout his administration: Axis of Evil- sounds like one of those rides at the fair that gives you whip lash.  Mission Accomplished- that’s not how you end a war, it’s what shows up on the screen when you finish an Arcade game.

The way he hasn’t faced up to the problems in this country- Katrina, Donald Rumsfeld, torture- is just like a guy looking at the darkening sky, thunder clapping in the distance saying, “dude, this storm is definetely going to blow over.  It’s just heat lighting.  Come on…don’t you want to ride that Ferris Wheel.”