Sullivan’s Island will soon have a new watering hole — and a barbecue joint — to enjoy. 716b/1240947499-hometeamsullivan_s_tbl_502_resized.jpg

Tony McKie, the main talent buyer and audio engineer at the original Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ (1205 Ashley River Road) tells us that the restaurant and music venue is very, very close to completing renovations at the old Bert’s Bar on Sullivan’s Island (2209 Middle Street) and opening the second location. McKie says that they plan to have everything set up and ready to fine-tune in time for a soft opening on Tues. May 5 — just in time for a casual Cinco de Mayo party, tentatively with some live bluegrass music.

McKie adds that they’ll feature most for the same menu items as the West Ashley location, but slightly expanded with a few more coastal-themed items.

I stopped by the Sullivan’s Island spot on Sunday to have a peek, and, indeed, there was a bustle of activity in the space, a small dumpster out front, and a shiny new, corrugated tin facade with a Home Team BBQ logo over the front door. Things looked pretty close to completion.

If everything goes well, the first official gigs will be on Wednesday, May 6th with the Bluegrass Ramblers and on Friday, May 8th with Augusta-based Americana band the Dew Hickeys, led by Col. Elmer E. Lee. More updates will show up at the Home Team BBQ web site soon. Upcoming performers include Guilt-Ridden Troubadour, Town Mountain, Jeff Norwood, The Christopher Dean Band, Blue Plantation, Betsy Franck & The Bareknuckle Band, Elise Testone & the Freeloaders, Milhouse, and Mayhem String Band. Check City Paper’s Music Board for more listings.