You might have to cruise James Island’s Island Plaza (1291 Folly Rd.) parking lot a few times to find the little blue truck, but when you do, pull over. Scram, Charleston’s newest meals-on-wheels, is worth your money and it couldn’t have come at a better time given the news I got last week: Outta My Huevos, Charleston’s reigning breakfast food truck (in my humble opinion), has closed.

After not seeing Outta My Huevos at the Charleston Farmers Market recently, I sent a concerned email to owner Claire Masingill who confirmed that the concept is caput. No more crispy chicken biscuits. No more warm local veg salad. No more joy in this godforsaken life. I might still be under my desk sobbing had it not been for the arrival of Scram.

Scram is the work of former FIG Pastry Chef Melanie Durant. Prior to that, Durant was the successor to another Charleston pastry star, Cynthia Wong, at Atlanta’s Empire State South. Now, she’s taken her fine dining skills and parlayed them into an eggy menu of sweet and savory eats.

This morning I sat outside in the parking lot at Scram’s teal tables (don’t knock an al fresco parking lot meal, it was better than it sounds) and enjoyed pimento pepper jelly eggs in a puff. The mild spice, paired with the cheesy eggs and a cold brew leaving me full and fueled. But apparently I need to go back because the customer behind me says the must-have is actually Scram’s Eggs on a Bun with over medium ham with gruyere and pina jam. “I’ve gotten it every morning,” he said wild eyed. “It’s so good,”

I don’t take those kinds of emphatic recommendations lightly. Consider Scram the new James Island morning sustenance salvation.

Scram will be parked at Island Plaza this Saturday and Sunday from 8a.m.-2 p.m. Check Instagram for future schedule updates.