Although tea fans and soda drinkers may not understand the severity of this rant, I hope my fellow coffee consumers get it. I woke up Saturday morning after a long night out on the town to discover my cabinet was utterly devoid of anything resembling a coffee filter. Now, to fully grasp this situation, I can not be considered a human being without my first cup of Joe in the morning. Add a hangover to the mix and it is an ugly picture. Sure, I could walk the five blocks to the coffee shop and have a barista whip up a concoction for me, but that would defeat the beauty of a lazy Saturday morning, reading the newspaper in my PJs and sipping my favorite beverage. Plus, the mod seating is simply no comparison to my soft couch. In my desperation, I tried re-using the filter from the day before. Truly regrettable move. Sadly, this ruined my picturesque Saturday morning of nursing a hang-over and catching up on the Wall Street Journal. I believe I will invest in one of the futuristic pod-based brew machines to avoid potential future frustrating encounters.