Whether you laugh at your own jokes or keep your friends giggling, it might be worth a shot to try out for Theatre 99’s April Improv Tournament.

Here’s how it works: You form a group of three funny people, and you get up on stage with five other trios. After all six groups have performed for eight minutes each, Theatre 99 audiences will vote on the top two teams that will move on to the next round.

There’s a preliminary round for the next three Fridays — April 5, 12, and 19. If you don’t want to perform, then stop by and judge. Tickets are $10, and the shows always start at 8 p.m.

But not so fast — Being a spectator doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t end up performing, because you might. Each preliminary round will have a wild card team made up of three audience members. Later, there will be a big ol’ improv jam featuring all the winning teams, and a wild card audience team could beat the professionals.

See theatre99.com for more details.