Ok folks, off we go. Less than five hours left before we take the wraps off the festival at the VIP opening party.

We’re busy preparing ourselves for a weekend of chefs and food, wine and “afterparties”, official and not so official. So, being the underground folks that we are, Charleston City Paper brings you a one stop place for info — what to do, where to go, what to eat, and who we see out there in festival land.

We’ll be live blogging, tweeting, (maybe some video?) and generally filling you in throughout the weekend on the happenings about town as they occur, so check back often to get the latest on what not to miss at this year’s Charleston Wine + Food extravaganza. We’ll throw it all up as fast as we can on the EAT blog, and even have a surprise guest blogger or two stopping by, so spread the word Facebook fans.

If you want to get in on the action we’ll be tweeting on Jeff Allen’s foodboy account and Stephanie Barna’s cpeats. Post your own info to #chseats and we’ll retweet you into our blog.

See you at the festival! … and while your at it, sign up for the Nosh Mob.