The first thing I noticed when I walked into James Island’s new Thai restaurant, Pick Thai, was a table loaded down with carved items. A big watermelon had been transformed into a spray of blooms, a squash had been elaborately embellished, and intricate flowers had been carved from blocks of boring old soap. There was obviously a talented knife-wielding chef back in that kitchen.

Pick Thai is located in the former Mom and Pop’s space in the Food Lion Shopping Center at 1291 Folly Road. The interior has been coated in a solid black paint. One wall is dotted with white floral appliques that look a bit like a swarm of butterflies. A handful of tables populate the small space. The transformation from a counter service pizza joint to a full-service restaurant seems a work in progress. A few more touches, like providing some sort of buffer between the front door and the dining space would do wonders. Otherwise, it feels like a place better suited for ordering takeout. That said, we really enjoyed our dinner and were happy to get a chance to talk to the owners afterwards.

Ravenous, we immediately ordered some rolls. They got gobbled up before I could get a shot of all of them.

The cashew chicken was steaming hot and was hardly shared by the kid who ordered it.

The pad Thai was a little heavy on the fish sauce funk. It was still good, but different from other, sweeter versions around town. My daughter was not happy about that.

I ordered the duck salad spicy, causing no small amount of concern with the waitress. She kept my glass full as I guzzled probably a gallon of water. Check the picture closely and you’ll see all those hot pepper seeds. Yowza. It’s kind of invigorating to eat such hot food. I liked it.

Pick Thai is a great new option on James Island. The owners are new to the area and Kris Sue told us it was tough getting this place ready to open since they didn’t really know anybody. We think you should stop by and check them out. Or order it to go. (843) 793-2258.