“And over there, son, next to that two-top covered in charcoal grilled chicken wings, that’s where Mommy threw her bouquet.”

I can’t wait to take my son to the new Minero now housed in McCrady’s former gallery event space where I held my wedding reception six years ago. It’ll be a pico-fragranced walk down memory lane. My husband and I will reminisce about our first dance as queso fundido runs down our fingers. We’ll get misty-eyed recalling my father’s touching speech as we drain Bloody Marias. And then we’ll share the monster Minero burrito — crema and hoppin’ john spilling down our chins just like the wedding cake we smashed into each other’s faces all those years ago.

Then, just like the sparklers we lit as we pedicabbed away down Unity Alley, I’m sure the same sparks will fly as we gaze into each other’s eyes while shooting a final flight of mezcal. Wait are those sparks or are you gonna be sick? Do we need to go home? Too much agave? Crap. Check please. 

Who needs cupid when you have Valentina hot sauce? 

Here’s a look at the new Minero. 

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