A pair of mini donkeys drew passers-by to the Bastille Day bash at Fish on Thursday. Why mini donkeys, you ask? We’re not sure, and neither were their handlers, but they accomplished what they were meant to do, attracting people to the party. Or maybe it was the bubbles being blown into the street, or the smell of freshly fried pommes frites, or maybe, just maybe, it was the scantily clad Charleston Ballet dancers doing the can-can on the bed of an old red truck parked out front.

Inside, Fish’s staff of bartenders worked hard to crank out a steady supply of champagne and French-inspired cocktails for the thirsty crowd. While some took advantage of the restaurant’s special three-course dinner, others settled for crepes freshly prepared by Marie Antoinette* or the aforementioned frites fried up by a sweaty Napoleon Bonaparte*.

Joining the historical figures on the patio was a young woman standing in a vat of grapes, squeezing them between her toes. “How long do you have to do this?” we asked. “I don’t know,” she answered a bit wearily. She did mention that her feet were going to be very exfoliated once the job was done.

*It wasn’t really Marie Antoinette or Napoleon Bonaparte.