Fish may not be a French restaurant, but Chef Nico Romo is from Lyon, and that’s all the excuse they needed to host the most lively Bastille Day fête in Charleston Wednesday night. A giant French flag hung from the exterior of the King Street restaurant, while a machine churned out a non-stop supply of bubbles that drifted down the street.

Roving street musicians and scantily clad Charleston Ballet Theatre dancers drew passers-by into the small restaurant, where they were treated to specials on French drinks like Pernod, cheese, and pâté. A sweaty line cook dressed like Napoleon grumpily manned the guillotine pommes frites station in the muggy courtyard, while une fille charmante stood crushing a tub of grapes.

Later in the evening, winners of the costume contest were determined by audience applause, followed by a final high-stepping performance by the CBT dancers. Merci, Nico, for helping us pretend to be French for just one night.