Charleston’s getting its very own chippy (that’s Brit slang for a fish and chips shop)! Britain’s favorite dish will find a special place on King Street this Thursday when Fish ‘n’ Chips takes over the the old Papa Zuzu’s location.

Owner Farah Jafri, who owns the Subway on King, and her husband Shahid Hasan say they are taking a healthy approach to the fried specialty by using lighter batters and condiments, and, most importantly, by featuring fresh local fish. But let’s be real. Fried food is fried food. It’s damn tasty, but it ain’t ever gonna be healthy or nonfattening.

The nice thing is we’ll have another low-cost local food venture on King Street to replace the other places that have disappeared from downtown. Their prices will range from $4-$12. and they’ll be open daily from 11 a.m.-9p.m.