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Evidently, the fists were flying at the Flowertown Festival over the weekend. We here at the CP HQ hadn’t heard a dang thing about this, but thanks to the Post and Courier‘s Andy Paras, the man who tweets the police scanner all day long, now we have.

And while Paras noted on Twitter that he was glad that his young daughter didn’t see the melee, I can assure you that as soon as I get home, my three-month-old baby will be shown the video below. The lesson that I will teach her: Don’t get a weave.


Andy Paras’ report on the Flowertown Fight is now online at the P&C. According to the P&C, “Two women and seven juveniles face charges in connection with a brawl that was caught on video at the Flowertown Festival this weekend.” Good work, Andy.

As expected, the P&C message board has already been hit by the racist asshats.

Here are the offenders:

Fortunately, there are guys like this: