Whether you’re looking for that extra shot of caffeine or you like a little coffee with your sugar, Charleston has a mug for every mouth. Sip on these five drinks as the school year rolls around and you’ll be prepped and ready to hit the books:

French Press from City Lights Coffee

If you’re not one for sweet sips, consider popping into City Lights Coffee for a cup of French press coffee. Because a French press doesn’t use a filter, the coffee retains nearly all of its flavor, giving you the perfect kick on your Monday morning. (Plus, the small space is super cozy to study in.)

Honey Latte or Cold Brew from The Harbinger

One of the things that sets The Harbinger apart is their selective menu. Along with their plant-based and gluten-free food options, the only syrups they offer are purely organic and natural.

Summer Citrus Cold Brew from The Rise

The Rise, associated with The Restoration Hotel directly above it, definitely keeps its guests — and students — caffeinated. If you’ve never been a fan of cold brew, you probably haven’t taken a sip of the Summer Citrus Cold Brew. Grab a cup of the orange-y goodness and thank us later.

Brown Sugar Latte from Second State Coffee

The Brown Sugar Latte is the perfect drink if you know you want something sweet, but you’ve just grown bored of vanilla. In many ways, it slightly resembles the taste of a really good scone. That won’t make sense right now, but it will if you try it.

Mint Mocha from The Park Cafe

The Park Cafe has a Mint Mocha that you need all year round and the whipped cream on top is the perfect sugar rush to celebrate the start of a new chapter.