Charleston went smokefree more than three years ago. I was one of many hundreds of people who campaigned hard for that victory. Today, more than half of all Americans live in smokefree municipalities, counties and states. But that leaves tens of millions still forced to suffer secondhand smoke. Fortunately, five more cities recently passed smokefree ordinances, according to a statement from Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. Some day we may be able to drive from Charleston to Seattle and never have to share the air with smokers in a restaurant, bar or hotel.

In case you haven’t heard, August was a great month for local
smokefree campaigns!

The following cities passed strong smokefree workplaces laws to
make workplaces smokefree, including their restaurants and bars!

* Savannah, Georgia
* San Antonio, Texas
* Bismarck, North Dakota
* Jackson, Mississippi
* Maryville, Missouri

Congratulations to these cities! They will soon join our list of
world class cities with strong smokefree workplace laws. Workers,
residents and visitors in these great places will soon have the right
to breathe smokefree air inside of all restaurants, bars, public
buildings, and other workplaces.

Everyone deserves the right to a smokefree workplace because
secondhand smoke is a leading cause of heart disease, cancer, and
respiratory problems.

Thank you to the many ANR member advocates and public health partners
who helped make these recent smokefree successes possible by getting
involved and speaking up, like the advocates in San Antonio (see
photo at right).

A special thank you goes to the local city council members who showed
leadership by supporting smokefree air for a healthier workforce and
more vibrant community.

Residents will have them to thank for generations to come for
smokefree air in the workplace.