Note: Locations listed are downtown so you can pack your picnic quickly.

Veggie Bin
96 Spring St.

From fresh peaches to peppers, colorful carrots, and the sweetest little radishes you ever did see, Veggie Bin has the produce that will make your picnic just a smidge less indulgent. Grab raw veggies for crudite and some fruit to throw on your cheese plate. They also carry killer cold brew, Cannonborough sodas, and locally made kombucha for sipping.

The Daily
652 King St.

The Daily will probably burn a hole in your wallet, but hey, we’re trying to make the best picnic ever, right? Grab a loaf of olive bread from Butcher & Bee for your cheese plate, then elevate that ish with B&B condiments like smoked onion jam and peach curry jam. If the whipped feta is in the grab and go cooler, grab it and go, seriously. The to-go pints of kale and peanut salad are also a must.

106 Church St.

You cannot have a picnic without cheese, it’s an unwritten, unequivoal rule. Get the best chevre in town at goat.sheep.cow (or the Meeting St. location) — be sure to grab a soft, a hard, and a bleu to round out your selections. The friendly cheesemongers at the counter will guide you if you’re a newbie, or suggest a rare specialty if you’re already an inveterate cheesehead. Oh, and they have a daily sandwich that sells out fast — a recent sandwich featured Sopressata, Buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, roasted piquillo peppers, greens, and a French baguette.

Monarch Wine Merchants
1107 King St. Suite B

Revelry Brewing Co.
10 Conroy St.

If you’re spending a Saturday afternoon with visiting friends, you’ll want to impress them with some local libations. For oenophiles, head to Monarch Wine Merchants for a bottle of rosé, or perhaps a chilled red — check out their standing cooler for the best warm weather selections. More of a beer guy? You’ll want a six pack with the cutest labels around, so head to Revelry Brewing for their Never Sunny IPA 12 oz. cans. The New England IPA is drinkable AF, we promise we’ve taste tested it (a few times).

Martha Lou’s
1068 Morrison Drive

To round out your basket, you’ll need the best damn fried chicken in Charleston. Made with love and fried to perfect crispiness while still maintaining a tender center, Martha Lou’s chicken is incomparable, and tastes even better in the great outdoors.