Tough guys have their pits, and debutantes have their accessory chihuahuas, but we’re not exactly sure what kind of pup suits the twee crowd. Some long-forgotten breed perhaps? A dog that looks like Petey from the Little Rascals? The scruffiest-looking pound puppy this side of Benji? Who knows? But this is where those pups are welcome.

The Barrel

This relatively new James Island bar is close to Folly and boasts not only delicious craft brews at full and half pints, but it’s also hella dog-friendly. Dogs are free to roam the fenced-in backyard that’s bordered by the marsh, and there’s another small pen for your little pups, too.


Downtown with your dog and feeling thirsty? Grab a drink outside at Fuel. The converted gas station has a cool outdoor bar and dog-friendly patio that’s safely separated from the bustling downtown streets.

James Island County Park

With a dog beach — yep, a dog beach — and four acres of open field, James Island County Park sure knows how to make pups feel welcome. That’s why the park is probably the very best place to go with your dog in Charleston. With the rising temperatures making outdoor activities a near impossibility, it’s good to have a place where the fur babies can go for a dip.

Lost Dog Cafe

This Folly Beach restaurant is a hugely popular brunch destination that also serves as a social hour for your pup. The food and Bloody Marys are fab, yes, but you’re guaranteed to meet at least half a dozen new furry friends on any given Sunday afternoon, and that makes the experience all the more wonderful for you and your best friend.


Did you know you don’t have to leave your fur baby at home to go and have a day of local exploration? Assuming your dog is well-behaved, he or she is welcome to tag along with you to places like Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. At Magnolia alone, you can meander through its many nature trails, including one that takes you through a 60-acre cypress and tupelo swamp, and even take your pup for a tram ride in the gardens. Charles Towne Landing allows pets too, so long as they’re on a six-foot leash, well-mannered, and not inside the park’s Animal Forest.