Here are some of the leading voices from South Carolina’s snarky political set on Twitter. We’re not guaranteeing quality commentary here, and we’re certainly not saying we agree with them. It’s just that we find ourselves unable to look away when they get to tweetin’:

Followers: 8,569
Tweets: 57,375
Specialty: Randian conservative rants, flame wars with liberals, aggressive denunciations of atheism, and crude remarks about women
Recent Tweets:
May 9: “Some chick just tweeted ‘There is a heroine in all of us.’ Yup. Just ask Amy Winehouse.”
May 8: “Ok y’all, decide on whether @MissNativeLis, a real American Injun, is hot or not. I’m going with hot but I could easily be wrong.”
May 7: “Entropy + Causality = proof of God’s existence. Think about it and you’ll understand why.”
May 4: “I’m not saying that @Lizardoid IS a serial killer or that he likes to rape children. But if they were casting a movie about that shit…”
May 3: “James Buchanan is going to love meeting Barack Hussein Obama in hell. #JustAHunchIHave”

We can’t always tell for certain if Columbia attorney Todd Kincannon is being sarcastic or not when he goes off on a diatribe about “the poors” just keystrokes after defending the Christian faith against atheists tweeters. In real life, he’s at the center of the recent fecal tempest regarding improper filing of paperwork by hundreds of candidates for South Carolina elected offices; he filed a federal lawsuit last week to challenge a state Supreme Court decision that resulted in many of them being thrown off the ballots.