[image-1]I just ran across a crazy and hilarious clip on YouTube while searching for old Peter Zaremba footage. Who’s Peter Zaremba? Why, he’s the lead singer of longtime garage-rock band The Fleshtones (straight outta Queens, N.Y.). Zaremba and guitarist Keith Streng have been true to the game since forming the band 1978. They’ve released many LPs, singles, and compilations over the years — most recently for N.C.-based label YepRoc.

The hilariously hip Fleshtones singer hosted I.R.S. Records’ Cutting Edge program on MTV in the early 1980s. The once-a-month, late Sunday night, one-hour show spotlighted the college radio underground and post-punk music scene in Britain. The Cutting Edge predated the popular 120 Minutes and was one of the only shows that played the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fall, Tom Waits, Jonathan Richman … and I.R.S. Records’s own early-era R.E.M.[image-2]

[image-3]This YouTube clip is an intentionally badly-acted “promo” for their latest slab, Take a Good Look! (released this winter on YepRoc). Keith and Peter (with the same hep haircuts they’ve had for three decades) “search for the ultimate rock record” and finally discover that their own new collection is it!

The current Fleshtones: Keith Streng (guitar & vocals), Peter Zaremba (lead vocals, harmonica & organ), Bill Milhizer (drums & vocals), and Ken Fox (bass & vocals). They’re on tour in Europe through mid May. I hope they bring their jumpy rock jive this way sometime this year. In the meantime, fans can check out the video chronology (with commentary from Peter and Keith) here at the YepRoc site.

“First Date (Are You Coming On To Me)”.mp3