A few of our theatre companies are without a home to call their own: Actors’ Theatre of SC, Theatre/verv, Art Forms & Theatre Concepts and, at the end of the year, PURE. But the recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a reminder that you don’t need a stage to put on a show. Street corners, park benches, churches and people’s living rooms become effective performance venues when a small company brings the right kind of show to town.

Mabou Mines don’t even need to be on land to do a show. Their Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting opens tonight on a barge loosely moored off Long Island City, Queens. It’s a free, five-nights-only production that celebrates the Big Apple with song and dance.

Mabou Mines visited Spoleto two years ago with their version of A Doll’s House, which featured a cast of men under 5 feet tall and women closer to 6 foot. In that year’s City Paper it garnered a critic’s pick for Best Onstage Fellatio. “It’s not every day you go to a play at the Dock Street Theatre and catch a six-foot-tall woman simulating fellatio on a three-foot-tall adult male actor,” wrote Patrick Sharbaugh.

This time the men are busy knitting instead – with giant copper, steel and wood knitting needles that double as drumsticks.