The next time all you so called “boaters” decide to head out to our waterways, do us all real boaters a favor…DON’T. As we cruised around on the water this past 4th of July we spent most of our time picking trash out of the water that all you “boaters” decided to throw overboard! I really love spending my time on the water picking up your fucking trash! If I could just find where some of you “boaters” live I would drive by your house everyday and throw all of YOUR trash back at you. And with any kind of luck maybe one of you would digest some of it and we would have to euthanize you. Which would give me more time to enjoy on the water and all the sealife a safer place to live. So when labor day comes around, do all the sealife and real boaters a favor, go to Walmart, buy yourself a kiddie pool, put it next to your boat in the backyard, put your speedo on, board your boat and throw all the trash you want into your piece of the water and leave our piece clean and safe ASSHOLE!

-True Boater