We may be 50-plus years past the 1960s, but the Flower Power trends never seem to go out of style. Every five years they’ll flare up with bell bottoms suddenly appearing at Nordstrom or peasant tops making an appearance on New York’s runways. The latest in this fashion flashback? Flower crowns. Luckily, this groovy look — popping up on Coachella concert-goers and at a variety of Charleston events — is one we can get behind. And now we know where to find them: Flowershop at Mixson.

Lily Peterson, owner of Flowershop, is the current go-to gal for all your crown needs. Peterson and her assistant Jessi Davis got into the flower crown biz earlier this summer after seeing them in fashion magazines. From their North Charleston shop, they craft and sell their crowns made from dried and preserved materials. Each is customized and named after the woman who first wore or inspired it.

“A couple were inspired by some friends, and we named all the ones that we just put on our site after the first person who wore them. It’s a great way for me to say thanks for the early support, and it’s a good way for me to remember who wore those crowns,” says Peterson. “I’ll never forget that I made that crown for my friend Charlotte, and that will always be on my mind.”

Before Peterson and Davis started making dried flower crowns, they made crowns from fresh flowers. Those eventually wilted. Flowershop at Mixson continues to sell crowns made out of fresh flowers, but they decided to broaden their market adding fresh and dried options to their repertoire.

Each crown is individualized to what the customer wants. “If you came in and said ‘I really like some of those purples or dark greens.’ We could put those together,” Peterson says.

“It’s pretty time consuming. Just like anything, if you’re making the flower arrangement, you want to get your elements out in front. It’s very helpful for me to cut up some pieces, so when you’re holding the crown you don’t have to work too hard to sort of get the right sizes. “When we were making wreaths, you essentially do the same thing,” she says. Depending on the style, you snip a little and then sort of create your cluster.”


For DIYers, the idea is to put the flowers in a little bundle, tie them in place against a wire, and then wrap them. “The goal is to cover up each piece that has been wrapped to make sure that there isn’t too much exposed wire that the crown becomes aesthetically unpleasing,” Peterson says.

The crowns are made from various plants, from eucalyptus to peonies, and the results are works of art — vivid halos of delicate berries, wheat, and even tiny pinecones.

“Just to have them as a gift is also really nice. I’ve been surprised, pleasantly surprised, about how well they’ve been received,” Peterson says.

While the crowns are expensive, ranging from $45-$90, Peterson says they can last a lifetime with proper care. “Just make sure you hang them up and don’t step on them,” Peterson says. The crowns will last longer if they’re kept in a moist environment instead of a dry one. “I always recommend finding a nail on the wall or a special spot where you can hang it and see it,” Peterson says.

She’s also eager to incorporate crowns into her fall wardrobe. “A lot of people would probably gravitate to wearing these in the summertime, but I’m excited about sweaters. But really as a piece of accessory, as a jewelry that you would wear,” Peterson says. “I really love the more neutral tone colors.”

Regardless of the season, Peterson believes crowns are an accessory that can weather the changing fashion styles. “I mean, I think there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity where a flower crown would not be fun,” Peterson says. peterson and jessi davis craft crowns to order. visit flowershopchs.com