[image-1] Today Flowertown Underground announced that it is canceling the Thurs. March 29 performance of its current show, An Act of God following a death a death in the family of the lead actress. In a message emailed to Flowertown patrons, Flowertown Underground says:

The Flowertown Players’ family sends heartfelt condolences and sincere well wishes to John, Sarah and the rest of the Daniel family while they deal with the loss of a beloved family member.

Sarah Daniel plays God in Flowertown’s irreverent comedy, An Act of God. In an interview with CP prior to the play’s run, Daniel said, “With the #TimesUp movement and the #MeToo movement, it’s feels like the right moment to have a woman step up and fill the shoes of king of the universe, I’ve had quite a few women, particularly in the theater community, tell me how thrilled they are to see a woman playing God.”

The Friday and Saturday performances will go on as planned, but stay tuned to Flowertown’s Facebook page in case that changes.