[image-1]The Charleston County Democratic Party says flyers at a West Ashley neighborhood grocery store encouraged Dems to vote on Wednesday instead of Election Day, Tuesday.

Local Democratic Party Chairman Richard Hricik says small strips of paper found on store shelves and on shopping carts at the Savannah Highway Doschers IGA read, “Attention all Democrats: Due to an overwhelming voter turn out expected Tuesday Nov. 6… All Democrats need to vote on Wednesday, November 7 between 7 am and 7 pm.”

Hricik said it was “repulsive to see this kind of last minute attack,” pointing the finger at Republicans and reminding voters to head to the polls on Tuesday and only Tuesday.

Store management took efforts to make sure the flyers were removed from the store once they were notified, said Hricik, commending their response.

Now, not to make light of efforts to mislead voters, but which is worse, someone that might actually fall for a gag like this or the fact that someone actually thinks someone else would fall for a gag like this?