To the douchebag host at the downtown restaurant: “GET BENT!”
How many fake, off-the-wall questions can you ask to patrons that you do not even know? Your awkwardness and uncomfortableness shined through. Look at your reviews online and you’ll see the same rant over and over.
You might single-handedly ruin the restaurant. If you worked for me, you would have been fired immediately for your actions this past Sunday!
Here’s a tip – the customer is ALWAYS right! Suck it up and deal with it.
Here’s another tip – never come out of your restaurant and follow two of your patrons down King Street! Listen to the patron when he says that the only thing that was wrong with the restaurant was your fake-as-hell, prodding questions. Say you’re sorry and get back into the fucking restaurant where you belong. Never question one of your patrons observations or feelings about what you did wrong. Oh, and getting up in my face, REAL FUCKING MATURE. Anybody from Charleston can smell the fact that you do not possess even one lick of Southern Hospitality.
You have officially made an ass out of yourself and given the restaurant a very bad name.