[image-1]Saturday afternoon we headed out to 28 Bridgeside in Mt. P to get schooled in the ways of the Pinot. With its great view of the Cooper River bridge, the Yorktown, and the harbor, this is one of my favorite venues, and with the incredible spring weather it was a perfect setting. We chatted with representatives and owners from some of the best wineries across the country – Elk Cove, Arcadian, MacMurray Ranch, WillaKenzie Estate, Schug Carneros Estate, Steele, etc. Charles Arena and Brannon Florie of the Boathouse and Jeremiah Bacon of Carolina’s provided some sustainable seafood: freshly grilled fish, shrimp tacos, crab gazpacho, and lots o’ sushi. We sipped, we snacked, and we enjoyed the sunshine. It was possibly the most picturesque of the fest’s events (besides F+W with a view … but who could actually afford that?). –Erica Jackson